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Building, Inspections and maintenance of ropes course facilities & staff


Our team of qualified and experienced inspectors help ensure the safe operation, integrity and longevity of your facility & associated equipment.

We are competent and qualified to conduct, any or all of your inspection requirements. High-Low provides the following inspections;

Routine Visual Check

This should be carried out prior to each session by the centre instructors.  This is intended to identify hazards that can result from vandalism, use or weather conditions.

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PPE Inspections (Personal Protective Equipment)

Currently under the requirements of EN 15567 - Part 2 and the European PPE Regulations all of the equipment used on your course needs to be checked on an annual basis by a qualified & competent person.

Operational Inspection

This is a more detailed inspection (than a routine inspection) and should be carried out every 1-3 months or as per the constructors/manufacturers’ guidelines, by a competent member of staff or independent Inspector;

“An Operational Inspection should be as comprehensive and thorough as a Periodic Inspection – the only difference being the latter has a greater degree of independence. This requires inspectors to be as competent and knowledgeable as they should be for a Periodic Inspection. For example, they may need to determine the degree of rot in a timber pole and decide, based on industry standards, whether it is acceptable. A thorough knowledge of wire rope discard criteria is invariably essential for an Operational Inspection” - UK Ropes Course Guide 2015. Edition 4.1 .21

We can help you set up, run and audit your operational inspections!

Periodical / Annual Inspection

This should be carried out once per year, after minor changes, storm damage or any other concern by; a qualified and competent Inspector or Inspection Body.

The inspection consists of (as a minimum);

  • A functionality test carried out at height
  • A practical ‘check’ of elements/activities to ensure they are ‘fit for purpose’
  • An assessment of worn components and requirements for their replacement
  • Verify that operational paperwork is in place
  • Verify that PPE is logged
  • Verify that a tree examination has been carried out (if applicable)

Anchor Testing

Various types of anchor installation exist, including; eye-nuts, strops, tapes, slings, wire strops, eye bolts, lifelines and dead-weight anchors. Anchors are also used to support many other outdoor applications.

We test all of the ground belay anchors & climbing wall anchors to; EN15567, EN 12572 and EN795 when conducting anchor inspections

Wooden Pole Inspections

Treated wood poles are widely used throughout the ropes course & playground industries. All wood components used in the construction of these facilities have a limited life-span and are subject to degradation over a period of time.

The periodical pole inspection should be carried out Annually by an experienced and competent inspector. The main purpose of the pole inspection is to identify:

  • The condition of your facilities poles and/or other wooden components
  • Whether a pole is treatable or unserviceable
  • Type of damage to poles e.g. shakes, mechanical shakes and even woodpeckers
  • To forecast a treatment plan (if applicable

High-Low have replaced many rotten poles and damaged poles. Earlier detection by a fully separate wooden pole inspection could have saved operators £thousands!

Climbing Wall Inspections

During the inspection of your facility, we examine the following;

  • Bolt-on hold placements
  • Bolt-on holds
  • Final protection points
  • Intermediate protection points
  • Wall surface integrity
  • Sub structure
  • Safety surface

Inspections also include looking at the condition of the surrounding areas and the walls compliance with EN 12572 & EN 795 standards. Following your inspection, we provide a full and detailed report about the condition of the wall

Playground Inspections

We provide ‘Operational’ playground inspections. The European Standard for Playground Safety, BS EN1176, states;

Such inspections should be carried out by an appropriately qualified and competent member of staff or alternatively by a suitably qualified specialist and should be recorded. These inspections should be carried out on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

Please contact us for more details.

High-Low Ropes Course Construction

High-Low Ltd uses decades of experience to offer a fully comprehensive design and construction service.

Our constructions include;

  • Free site visit and quotation
  • Help and advice based on years of operating ropes courses
  • Construction techniques/materials guaranteed to meet current British and European Ropes Course Standards (EN 15567: part 1)
  • Operational and safety documentation in line with EN15567: part 2 including engineer’s drawings
  • Staff training & assessment – ERCA Training & Certification can also be provided.
  • Operational support and Technical advice
  • Free follow up safety inspection is undertaken after the first 6 months of operation
  • Independent inspection by a type A European Ropes Course Association Inspector (if required)

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Ropes Course Maintenance

High-Low Ltd pride ourselves on years of combined ‘operational’ and inspection experience to provide quality solutions to your maintenance issues.

There are many aspects to maintenance work, here are a few jobs we have conducted;

  • Full zip-line replacements and change of braking systems
  • Pole replacements / Steel ‘booting’ of poles
  • Wooden pole asset management
  • Additional zip-line installation
  • Climbing / Abseil tower repairs
  • Replacement of worn parts
  • Replace / swap elements
  • Major course re-wire for continuous belay and SMART belay systems
  • Designed and manufactured new or replacement parts for ropes courses and zip-lines
  • Effective solutions to asset management of numerous ropes courses
  • High ropes course deconstruction
  • All materials and construction techniques are guaranteed to meet the latest British &European standards.

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Site Specific Instructor training and assessment

We understand the importance of site-specific training for your staff. This enables instructors, rescuers and managers to be truly competent and confident on YOUR specific ropes course facility & equipment.

We provide training for staff and managers in all aspects of High or Low ropes course operation. We have our own tried and tested syllabuses of training that are delivered by ERCA trainers, our training includes the following;

  • High-Low Adventure park Training & Assessment
  • High-Low High ropes course Training & Assessment
  • High-Low Low ropes course Training & Assessment
  • High-Low Rescuer Training & Assessment
  • High-Low Zipwire Training & Assessment
  • High-Low Fan Descender / Quick Jump Training & Assessment
  • Team development, Psychometric and team profiling (Strength Deployment Inventory)

Technical Advice / Consultancy

As one the most experienced companies at operating ropes courses in the industry, High-Low is able to offer you sound advice based on practical experience in all manner of YOUR ropes course operation / responsibilities for running a safe and successful course.

Our technical Advice service is suitable for all operators. If you are after one-off help or regular advice we can help you open, run and maintain a safe, successful and commercially viable ropes course!

If you have any questions please contact us

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